Waterless ceramic urinals

Helping to preserve the environment.

The main feature of this type of urinals is the fact that they do not need water nor chemical products for their use. Besides, they are easily installed, and they need minor maintenance. In this way, they contribute with the conservation of such a valuable resource as water.

The year 2008 became a milestone for Alfonso Soto Cerámica: the company started manufacturing series of waterless urinals, developing the first two prototypes together with a team of specialists and technicians. This production means a new concept of manufacturing for Alfonso Soto Cerámica, as well as a new line of customers in the OEM sector. Soon the first two prototypes reached a great success in sales and the Research+Development team started the development of new original models, being always adapted to the different ecological brands.

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Research + Design

The birth of any of our products is based on our R+D team. Starting from genuine designs adapted to the needs of our customers, we begin to work on the making of the originals and the moulds, produced in our facilities with the collaboration of specialists in the different areas of the process.

100% Made in Spain

The aim of Alfonso Soto Cerámica is leading the production of waterless urinals and becoming a model for those companies that allow to save potable water, which is a precious and every time scarcer resource, with the aim of taking care of the environment. In line with our ecological awareness, we make all the models of our products in our facilities in La Rambla (Cordoba, Spain).

Official distributor

Alfonso Soto Cerámica relies on an official distributor in Spain, what can be considered as a personal bet on the ecological awareness in our country. Other countries with more experience in this sector, such as France, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands, besides United Kingdom, Portugal and Morocco, have already got our waterless urinals.

Quality control

Alfonso Soto Cerámica establishes thorough quality controls which allow us a total control of every one of the urinals in every process of the product manufacturing, from the design to the final packaging of every piece.