Experience and innovation

Company founded on 1987

 Alfonso Soto Cerámica is a family business in which you can find two generations working at time to provide experience and innovation. At its beginnings, our company specialised in hand-painted artistic ceramics, standing out by our high-quality production and by looking for an added value inside the traditional artistic ceramics from La Rambla. But along with time, our company has been adding state-of-the-art technology and the latest ceramic products, taking a stance at the forefront of our sector.


Alfonso Soto Cerámica is living a process of modernisation of its facilities, equipment and production systems. Without giving up the proper crafty production of genuine pieces, the company goes forward in the large production of series, in which the specialisation of the workers is fundamental for the production chain to allow efficiency and a competitive product without losing quality.

Efficient organisation and productive efficacy mark the future of our company.

We are specialists in customized productions, we can adapt to the customers’ needs.

Innovation and view are two concepts that steep all our creating process.

All the products are thought, created and produced with the passion that artisans put into the well-done works


The innovative character of the company Alfonso Soto Cerámica is also shown on such an important field as commercialisation. Following steps of the most of ceramics companies from La Rambla, we start selling our products as retailers or through wholesalers or a salesperson. However, these methods appear to be insufficient, especially when selling abroad. Because of this, in 1990, Alfonso Soto Cerámica leads the

creation of the first trading company of ceramics of La Rambla, formed by a group of seven pottery companies from the village, which set up a permanent showroom and hire staff specialised in marketing, trade and export. Alfonso Soto Cerámica employs an experienced sales team for its new products, different from the one for traditional ceramics, and this let us expand to new markets and distribution channels.

Moving towards a better future

Alfonso Soto Cerámica is looking for new opportunities in growing sectors adapting their ceramics to different uses from the traditional ones in our village. These opportunities are coming out of the increasing necessity of preserving our environment, as well as adapting the buildings to the new standards of efficiency and sustainability.