We save water

Water is the source of all life. Without water, we, the people, animals and plants on our planet can’t survive. Unfortunately, man is very lavish with the precious good. To save water, creative solutions are required. Future-oriented technologies of committed, anticipated people, so that the water resource is also available to future generations.

Water means life. We have been looking for technologies that save water efficiently because we want to take responsibility and take care of the water. And we have found a solution: the environmentally friendly SANAGUA faucet technology.

Wall and stand model

The environmentally friendly SANAGUA faucet technology is unique. It reduces water consumption by 90%. Splitting the water flow into millions of small water droplets leaves the spray angle and pressure large. This swiss spray technology guarantees hygienic absolute cleanliness when washing hands and feels very pleasant on the skin.

Both SANAGUA models with self-closing fittings are intended exclusively for commercial use. Ideal locations are public facilities, municipalities, schools, kindergartens, military buildings, restaurants, hotels and office / administration buildings.

Material: bronze, chrome plated.

Flow: 0.6 - 0.7 liters per minute at 2 bar.

Connection: Can only be connected to cold water up to a maximum of 25 degrees.

Operation: By push of a button, water jet ends after 15 seconds.

Certification: CE Europe Basic, EN 816 :1996.