Porcelain stoneware bottles

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According to current regulations.

Very low levels of oxidation.

Designs and sizes can be customized.

Models available

We present our available standard type models, with their different denominations and formats. The wooden box is customizable and can be adapted to all sizes.

Large conical - 500 ml
Small conical - 250 ml
Bombacha grande - 500 ml
Bombacha pequeña - 250 ml
Standard - 500 ml
Square - 500 ml
Tubular - 250 ml
Linear - 750 ml

One of the best materials for olive oil conservation

In Alfonso Soto Cerámica, we are aware of our privileged location in the cradle of olive oil and the more and more demanding needs of producers and consumers. That is why we got involved in the making of porcelain stoneware bottles for olive oil in 2012. Our bottles do not have filtration, so they help to a better conservation of the product, as light, air and smells cannot go through them. In recent times, more and more olive oil producers are exporting their oil to gourmet markets, and this is where the porcelain stoneware becomes the most convenient material and container of such a high-quality produce.

Cradle of olive oil and pottery.

La Rambla is a village surrounded by olive trees in the so-called region “Campiña Sur Cordobesa” (Southern Countryside Region of Cordoba). The culture of the olive grove has kept rooted in our region since the Roman times, when the Baetica was the main region exporting olive oil. Two thousand years later, Spain is the main producer of olive oil in the world and only in the province of Cordoba there are five Protected Designations of Origin of olive oil.

Custom Designs

The porcelain stoneware obeys the current regulations on food and it shows one of the lowest levels of oxidation among existing containers, that is why it is one of the best materials for the storage and conservation of olive oil. We offer our customers the possibility of manufacturing their own models, choosing customized models and designs.

We treat our bottles with care

Our models are likely to be decorated by hand, in the most traditional way. We can also transfer your corporate image or logo with screen printing.

Even the morphology of the bottle can be to the customer's taste, for this we first model the bottle in 3d and then we take out the mold. 

We show you some of the bottles that we have made for our clients where you can appreciate the quality of the finishes.