Waterless ceramic urinals
Discover our urinals without water, ecological, easy to install and with minimal maintenance
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Waterless ceramic urinals


This is a bet on the ecological awareness and water saving.

Our waterless urinals models do not need water nor chemicals, they are 100% original and they are adapted to the different ecological brands.

Waterless stainless steel urinal

A new model of waterless urinal made in stainless steel

Urinary separator

Laminated phenolic urinary separator resistant to wear and scratching.

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Porcelain stoneware bottles

We are olive oil porcelain stoneware bottles manufacturer. Our bottles do not have filtration, so they help to a better conservation of the product, as light, air and smells cannot go through them.

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Our environmentally friendly faucet technology is unique.

It reduces water consumption by 90%. Splitting the water flow into millions of small water droplets leaves the spray angle and pressure large, it guarantees hygienic absolute cleanliness.

Traditional ceramics

Alfonso Soto Cerámica is born in La Rambla (Cordoba, Spain), declared as Craft Interest Zone by the regional government of Andalusia. We make hand decoration and exclusive designs.